DREAM LIFE WORKBOOK: A Hands-On Workbook to pave your p.a.t.h. & gain perspective.
Perspective: Capture Life's Worth
Dare to Build Your Dream Life today 
Perspective: Capture Life's Worth inspires readers to improve their own lives while simultaneously not losing sight of fleeting, precious moments in everyday life.  The book & workbook will shape readers' mindsets in a way that makes it possible to:

- Uncover the essential elements to a personally fulfilling life.
- Make time for what really matters most to you.
- Create a plan to achieve pieces of your Dream Life in one year.
- Feel empowered to implement that plan and live true to your vision. 
By the end of using this workbook, you'll have the tools to manage action steps that promote real progress toward your goals and enhance overall happiness in the one life you have to enjoy. Why not start living today? 
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